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Facilitate the Industry Development and Growth

In 2000, a group of mobile application developers came together and formed “WAP Developer Group”, which aimed to promote the adoption of wireless technology as corporate solution. Nevertheless, they found that it would not be an easy job – Air-time for connecting mobile network was expensive, mobile network operators were using different interfaces to build their network, manufactures were not keen to develop mobile devices for commercial use. There were too many barriers for individuals or parties to enter the field.

In view of the issue, the Developer Group decided to form an industry association, in order to promote the collaboration between different stakeholders in the mobile industry. That is the starting point of Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association (WTIA).

Throughout the years, WTIA keeps on taking the role as a super connector in the industry, associating developers, service providers and government, and work together to expedite the development of wireless technology in Hong Kong. In these years, we established centers with the theme of wireless and mobile technology, and also numerous seminars, awards and projects to popularize the usage of wireless technology. In the future, we will continue to implement more practical works that will help to advance the industry.

2001 - Establishment of WTIA

2001 - The Inauguration of WTIA

The Inauguration Ceremony of WTIA was held at Hong Kong Productivity Council, with the exhibition Wireless Application Showcase. 20 companies showcased their latest mobile and wireless application in the Showcase.

2002 - The 1st WTIA Panel Discussion: Inter-Operator SMS

Representatives of mobile network operators discussed the feasibility of transmitting SMS between different operators in the panel discussion of Wireless Technology Forum organized by WTIA in 2002.

2003 - Opening of Hong Kong Wireless Development Centre at Cyberport

WDC OPening03

With support of HKSAR Government, Cyberport and more than 30 corporations, WTIA established the Hong Kong Wireless Development Centre (WDC) to showcase Hong Kong’s latest development and advancement in mobile technology . Feature of the Centre included testing hubs and technical consultancy for mobile application developers, and also demonstration of mobile applications and wireless products that are established in Hong Kong. TD-SCDMA Application Development Centre also set up in WDC and served as the only testing hub for TD-SCDMA network outside Greater China Region.

2003 - The 1st WTIA Awards: J2ME Open 2003

Aimed to encourage development of wireless applications for consumers and enterprises, the contest J2ME Open 2003 was organized by WTIA. Over 300 teams participated the contest.

2003 - WTIA Partner with PISA to Conduct WLAN War Driving in Hong Kong

wlan wardriving

WTIA collaborated with Professional Information Security Association (PISA) to conduct War Driving survey for evaluating the strength of security measures performed by WLAN users in Hong Kong, and raise public awareness of the importance of WLAN security. The project later re-branded as SafeWiFi, and the War Driving transformed as a testing on the security level of Wi-Fi hotspot in Hong Kong.

2005 - The 1st WTIA SMS Donation Campaign

WTIA and Internet Professionals Association (iProA) partnered with mobile network operators in Hong Kong to launch an SMS Donation Campaign, and raised HK $2 million for the victims of 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami.

2005 - Launching of 3G Cyberport Project

Supported by Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO), Cyberport and local 3G network operators, WTIA launched the 3G Cyberport Project. The Project consisted of awards, training, forum, and exhibition to promote the development and adoption of 3G applications and solutions in Hong Kong.

2005 - Hong Kong International Wireless Conference 2005

Thousands of visitors from globe participated this international event organized by WTIA. The event consisted of presentation by reputable speakers and exhibition of 20 local wireless technology applications and solutions providers.

2005 - 1st Hong Kong Wireless Technology Excellence Awards

WTIA and Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) organized the 1st Hong Kong Wireless Technology Excellence Awards to recognize the best mobile and wireless applications developed by local companies.

2005 - Launching of Wireless Services Value Chain Cooperation (WSVCC) platform

WTIA established the Wireless Services Value Chain Cooperation (WSVCC) platform in the Pearl River Delta of Mainland China in 2005. Content localization services equipped with hardware and technical support were provided in the platform to simplify the process of launching mobile applications in China.

2006 - Hong Kong ICT Awards: Best Ubiquitous Award

Steered by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) and organized by WTIA, Hong Kong ICT Awards: Best Ubiquitous Award established in 2006 to promote Hong Kong’s identity in providing quality mobile and wireless technology and application, and also honour the best local development in the field. The Award renamed as Hong Kong ICT Awards: Best Mobile Apps Award in 2013.

2007 - Hong Kong Mobile Film Festival

WTIA organized the first Hong Kong Mobile Film Festival in 2007. With activities including production contest, seminar and workshops, the festival aims to nurture local youngsters’ interest and knowledge in mobile film productions and promote the awareness of mobile films appreciation among the general public.

2013 - Opening of Mobility Experience Centre at Cyberport

With the support of Cyberport, WDC is renovated as Mobility Experience Centre (MEC) in 2013. The establishment of MEC aims to provide a space for public to experience advanced mobile devices, and also highlights the illustrious accomplishments Hong Kong has achieved in mobile technology. Outstanding and award-winning applications and wireless technology-related products developed by local IT companies are showcasing in the Centre.

2013 - Asia Smartphone Contest

To recognize the excellence of innovative smartphone applications development and provide a platform for top smartphone applications professionals in the region to meet, share, collaborate and learn from each other, WTIA started to organize Asia Smartphone Contest in 2013.  7 Asia Regions, including Israel, Mainland China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan was the co-organizer of the Contest.

2014 - Made in Hong Kong Smartphone Apps Project

In order to assist the local application developers to expand their business in Mainland China market, “Made in Hong Kong” Smartphone Apps Project was organized by WTIA to initiate a series of events. “Made in Hong Kong” Smartphone Apps Gallery is a platform that is specifically designed to promote applications that are developed by local developers to users in Mainland China. Over 500 applications are featured in the Gallery. Moreover, Seminar, workshops and visit to China were also held to facilitate business networking opportunities between local mobile app companies and potential clients in China.

2014 - Wi-Fi.HK

WTIA and Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) launched Wi-Fi.HK, a common Wi-Fi brand established to facilitate the public and visitors in locating and accessing the free public Wi-Fi services in Hong Kong. With the support from both public and private sectors, there are over 12,000 hotspots under the brand to provide easy access of free Wi-Fi services to the public and visitors.