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Widen Possibilities with Wireless

We are dedicated to the wireless and mobile industry, bringing leaders and members together to create limitless possibilities by pushing adoption, standards, and boosting inter-operability

Transform Lives with Technology

We act as a platform, an aggregator, and community for industry professionals to learn and drive emerging wireless technologies and standards

Increase Exposure and Branding

We represent and are supported by digital industries pertaining to mobile such as digital entertainment, digital marketing, and start-up sectors

Attract Like-Minded Professionals

We facilitate networking and strive to help members apply latest wireless technologies to existing or new businesses

Together, we grow stronger 

WTIA is the fastest-growing not-for-profit organization and unifying voice for all things wireless and mobile related.  It aims to make Hong Kong and neighboring regions a leading wireless tech hub. 

Membership Benefits

Considering joining?  Surely you’d like to know what’s in it for you?  Well come in and find out all the perks you get for being a WTIA member.

Apprenticeship Programme

Join the industry’s most prestigious apprentice programme and rock your CV with the experience and background every tech employer is thirsting for.

Job Board

Thinking about your next career move?  Here is the skinny on the latest hiring trends and also listing of who is actually looking to hire.

Supporting Organizations and Partners