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Leona Wong

Chief Marketing Officer



Ms. Leona Wong was the General Manager of Concept Infinity Limited, a digital publishing start-up.  Concept Infinity adopts an “Online to Offline” business model enabled by patent-pending technologies that specializes in producing unique personalized storybooks.

Before joining Concept Infinity, Ms. Leona Wong was the Executive Director of Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association (WTIA). She was responsible for management, business development and external relationships of WTIA. She led a key role in the team to implement various projects that contribute tremendously for the start-up and mobile industry of Hong Kong, such as HK ICT Awards: Best Mobile Apps Award, Asia Smartphone Apps Contest, Hong Kong Mobile Film Festival and Startup Series etc..

Graduated from the School of Journalism and Communication of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Ms. Leona Wong was the Deputy Leader Writer of Hong Kong Economic Times before stepping into the start-up community. She also wrote books about start-ups in Hong Kong since 2008.  Her latest work 《創業大時代》, featuring remarkable Hong Kong start-ups such as GoGoVan, 9GAG, Lifehack, Green Tomato etc., was published in 2015.