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The project is a joint effort with WTIA to extend the studies of

The study was started in April 2017 and completed end of July. 25 security perspectives (named evaluation criteria in the study) were used to evaluate the security posture of the 140 stock trade mobile apps (STMA) on Android phone. For the detail of the study and conclusion, please refer to the report.


  • to understand the current security posture of the stock trade mobile apps (STMA) on Android device in Hong Kong
  • to raise the awareness of the public, apps owners and developers on the security issues of these mobile apps
  • to educate VTC IVE Chai Wan students about the importance of Mobile App Security and the ethical practice of being a IT Security Professional
  • to find out any tools to speed up the Mobile Apps scanning to reduce the manpower involved

Report of The Study

Secure Mobile Development Best Practices

The project is a follow action of the above project Security Study of Android Stock Trading Mobile Apps in Hong Kong.
We have compiled this practical guide by consolidating the knowledge we learnt from partners, industry and past experience, hoping to help developers make their apps more secure.

The Guide